Airline Claims

Luggage damaged in transit and in need of repair? We are only 15 minutes from Tullamarine Airport.

Your luggage damaged in transit?

Gregory’s Bag & Shoe Repairs specialises in repairing and replacing luggage and travelgoods that have been damaged in transit.


Gregory’s is an authorised Airline Repair Partner for Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Sri Lankan Airlines. The shop is located in the heart of Essendon (6 Leake Street), only 15 minutes from Melbourne’s International Airport at Tullamarine.  Please contact the team at Gregory’s on 9379 6137 with your Airline Baggage Claims enquiry.


Simply present your damage report for the luggage you are having repaired or replaced.


In line with Airline industry standards and the carrier’s condition of carriage, all replacements (if required are subject to depreciation and you will be provided with a replacement that is similar in size, colour and value (less depreciation).  If you could provided proof of purchase to ascertain value please bring in this copy.


*Please note: If you have a receipt for your damaged luggage, please present this with your damage report.

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We replace the following with Genuine Parts

  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • Pull-up Handles
  • Locks (& Opening of Locks – TSA included)
  • Runners / Sliders
  • Stitching
  • Patch Holes